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A Day in the Life of Truehoney by TrueHoney 
Four Haitians shot dead for burning trees in Dominican border zone
Posted On 10/23/2009 2:59:01 AM  
 Four Haitians who were chopping down trees were shot dead Wednesday night in a remote area of southwest Independencia province, by Dominicans who surprised them making charcoal in several furnaces, said the Prosecutor Ruddy Perez. He said the incident occurred around 9 a.m. between the villages Boca de Cachón and Los Pinos del Edén, near community La Descubierta, where witnesses saw 18 Haitians cutting numerous which trees were then piled on several furnaces to make charcoal to haul back to their country, when they were surprised by unidentified Dominicans and believed to be Park Rangers. The official said witnesses also saw when the Dominicans fired on the 18 Haitians, killing four, as the others fled, among them a youngster who despite being injured managed to reach Jimaní and inform the authorities. The wounded Haitian, taken to the public hospital here, had told Perez that his four dead compatriots had been burned in the furnaces.

This is so tragic and unacceptable.  We must all speak out against this senseless violence.
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10/24/2009 11:46:55 PM 
I'm getting so fed up with the world's nonchalance to these reports of violence toward Haitians, but more so by the lack of concern by our Haitians. These kids violent occurrences towards Haitians have been going on for years! And every single time we act like it’s isolated incident. In this country, an act like that is considered a hate crime and is federal crime. I for one truly believe this happened because the boy risked going to jail to report the incident to the authorities. Two different incidents who were actually filmed were dismissed as being fabricated, a hoax. What more will it take to prove that these Dominicans are abusing Haitians? Haitians are so lost that they have even forgotten know how to stand up for themselves.
10/23/2009 4:37:29 PM 
You're right trueHoney, they were just late reporting the story. Well, it't just another incident, not a new story; the Haitians have been subjected to these vicious crimes for a very longtime; just a few months ago, this year,three Haitians were set in fire, and burnt alive by those same beasts. What is crystal clear to us, is that, the monsters who are in charge of that part of the Island are directly responsable for these assassinations.
10/23/2009 10:21:38 AM 
Levoyant, they may be a little late in reporting it, but it is certainly TRUE. Here are the links from two reputable sources : http://www.dominicantoday.com/dr/local/2009/10/23/33638/ http://www.caribbeanworldnews.com/middle_top_news_detail.php?mid=2707
10/23/2009 10:08:23 AM 
There seemed to be many stories coming out of DR with regards to heinous, atrocious crime carried out against Haitians- So far the two harsh ones are completely fabricated, what's up with that? These ill-advised fake stories create more trouble between the two nations. I find it irresponsible for a site such as this one to publish those stories without meticulously verify it.
10/23/2009 4:59:58 AM 
the two major Haitians' newspapers in Port-au-Prince: Le Nouveliste and Le Matin, had nothing to say about such story; therefore, the story may not be credible.