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vanessa bruno by Bruno5513 
Fashion Clothes Wholesale he asked Two weeks
Posted On 8/19/2016 7:17:50 AM  
Fashion Clothes Wholesale he asked Two weeks
rt hair, Chongni said. "Well, of course. Foolproof brother must be prepared." Read off heart never doubted the ability of Chen Guan Yu. Guan Yu Chen just smiled, did not speak, that sharp eyes quickly looked around, immediately asked: " It Barley" "Brother, Oh ......" read off heart mischievous look, "sister-in-law you really love it. I've never seen you so nervous before a person." "She is my wife." A ha, Chen Guan Yu has given the answer. This attracted the answer read off heart muffled laughter, saying: "... You should visit the sister-in-law in the villa I was afraid she was bored, I think you are almost approaching, let me give you a look to find" "Good." Guan Yu Chen n.I Love Fencing T-Shirts odded. At this time, the studio door was open hit that hit Chen Guan Yu's face immediately darkened, read off heart obviously taken aback. When you see people walk into the door, Guan Yu Chen Mouguang sudden sharp stopped at the other side of the body, voice cool down: "What happened" "Chen small, little lady was gone." Shadow obviously very upset, but the face of the fact that he did not have any withdrawal "under the dereliction of duty, please Chen less punishment." "What did you say" Guan Yu Chen sound more Senleng up. Xiangyebuxiang he would go in t.I Dig Bowling T-Shirts he direction of the shadow to go, apart from anything else directly in front of everyone to a heavy punch. Shadow mouth instantly bursts with blood, the people were playing a crooked body, but he said nothing. This thing is his default. He just thought it was only in the backyard of the villa and could not any surprises. Moreover, even if someone came in, then they can not know, so this careless. And after not find Ling Maimai, he found, Ling Maimai seems he left the villa, as to what happened, he would not know. "Said." Guan Yu Chen ignored by the sha.Eat Sleep Pitch T-Shirts dow of injuries at the moment, more and more voices Senleng. Shadow quickly put things before spoken once, Guan Yu Chen glanced Jiang Rui, Jiang Rui Xiangyebuxiang directly go out, to go before the transfer of video surveillance. Had also looke times to assassinate people, is the same. Their aim may be in the Middle East of weapons Less like Chen Although never happened, but it does not mean that all identities are hidden while less Chen g openly exposed the city, then the Middle East that knows the identity of people naturally understand. " Jiang Rui .Lord Admiral Nelson Tank Tops understood why. "Staring at the other side of the situation in the Middle East." Guan Yu Chen's voice Lengran multiple. "Under the clear." Jiang Rui immediately answered. Such a finishing up the afternoon things have to say first. There are people who think that arouse his suspicions, so with Ling Maimai to lead the child to go, and had kidnapped seem logical, the result of a halfway blaze Cheng Yaojin took Ling Maimai, they lost the hand. They want to find Ling Maimai again, when he was rushed to additional people to intercept, and the other to . Fashion T-Shirts www.artsshirt.com look for Ling Maimai in their hands, so Rush, there came a man shot thing. If not, to mercenaries skill they want to find these people in the first time, there are some difficulties. Moreover, g City is a society ruled by law, to find someone apparently blatant illegal. Jiang Rui would like to know after, once again look to Chen Guan Yu, he went on:. "Chen few other requirements that you personally" "Oh" Guan Yu Chen micro pick his brows, but added to the interest, "I do not know the rules yet" Jiang Rui startled the next, and immediately said: "The other relates to the amount of tens of billions of dollars, they say, must be less Chen personally guaranteed by the Middle East, this is probably the past few years, the largest arms sale if. You can become one of us, many of them is a good thing. " "Time." Guan Yu Chen micro grabbing facial features, he asked. "Two weeks." Jiang Rui given time. "I went to would be." "Well, I'm ready to go." Guan Yu and Chen will no longer speak, Jiang Rui did not pay more to stay away from the villa at once, toward the close of the Group's direction away. Guan Yu Chen so before standing windows, quietly watching, silent. That's a
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