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vanessa bruno by Bruno5513 
Fashion Clothes Wholesale to follow the shadow a
Posted On 9/5/2016 8:21:31 AM  
Fashion Clothes Wholesale to follow the shadow a
Good." Guan Yu Chen actually agreed. Jerry rejoicing, but the next second, Guan Yu Chen say let Jerry again fall into the hell that is like frightened eyes saw death, no longer recovered. "If you can or from a training camp to come out, then I will let you." Guan Yu Chen faint answer. Then Guan Yu Chen looked so sneer Jerry schematically Jiang Rui release Jerry, Jerry constantly crying, but has been completely useless, ruthless mercenaries took him and put him directly thrown into a concentration camp. Guan Yu Chen camp is training mercenaries place, or out from the camp did not give mercenaries is absolutely the world most top. And Jerry has never received such a mercenary .Black Sheep Designs "Baa Baa Black Sheep" Tank Tops trained engineers or want to come out from there, it is simply impossible to complete the miracle. Because, even Jiang Rui, even in the presence of mercenaries, even the shadow of Chen Guan Yu, want from the inside out, it might take a minimum of six months to a year. Guan Yu Chen himself, if not the ultimate training, but also out at least two or three months. So, Jerry, that is to die. A beast, snakes, wolves and a variety of plants unknown biological dangers, every step is stuck. Not to mention the .I Love Heart San Francisco T-Shirts inside Anfu various killer. In the death camp, far off Yu Chen a bullet to happy, too far out to be tortured more painful. If the thought of Jerry today, giving him one hundred bile can not let him make betray Chen Guan Yu things, but did not regret this world. "Jiang Rui, you say he will stick a few days" Guan Yu Chen faint asked. "Half an hour." Jiang Rui far to face talking. Guan Yu Chen eyes up more and more cold, thin lips slightly open, saying: "I want him to insist on a month's time." " Less Chen" Jiang Rui shocked at, shou.Giving What We Can - 2 Tank Tops ld immediately with: "Yes." Soon, Jiang Rui holding a walkie-talkie commanded down. Jerry heart silently for a handful of silence. Guan Yu Chen asked him for a month, is to Jerry wanted to die but could not die environment severely tortured month, the last with extreme fear and death. Such tragic death too. The presenc till not used to such naked words. "I'm going up." Ages, Ling Maimai find their own voice, fast talking. "Do not accompany me sleep for a while, huh" Guan Yu Chen opening Ling Maimai again put the pressure down. Guan Yu Ch.Denmark Soccer Panda (dark s) Tank Tops en Ling Maimai looked tired face, nodded, the two once again lying down. She's so quiet against the arms of Chen Guan Yu, listening to his heartbeat, feeling his breath. Even such a simple harmony, Ling Maimai feel good as it. "Nothing and I said" Guan Yu Chen faint words floated from Ling Maimai head. Ling Maimai shocked at, react, only saying: " I'll give you shame is not it." "Fool, how can you give me humiliating Encountered such a thing, you can call me the first time, not carrying their own. I absolutely can not let any. Fashion T-Shirts www.artsshirt.com thing happen to you, okay" Guan Yu Chen broke the positive Ling Maimai little face, carefully said. After Shiro then received a phone call Guan Yu Chen anger reached the apex. Ling Maimai temper he was very understanding, especially in this case, Ling Maimai prefer to hide themselves, and not find anyone. In her view, this is bring trouble. So, she put all the pressure gave himself. Like Chi Lin Jun was being framed when Ling Maimai will be a man on a ladder outside the group wandering, a man sitting, without anyone to tell their. Guan Yu Chen This is the least favorite place. He just wanted to talk, and rely on Lingmai Mai. While these things may shadow dutiful to their report, but the absolute and Ling Maimai personally tell their feelings differently. That some, ignored by her own feeling, this feeling, is really terrible! "Well." Ling Maimai nodded. "The rest of the things, I will deal with, not suspicious, understand" Guan Yu Chen to continue the account. "Well, there it Chen Ah!" Ling Maimai sweet smile. Guan Yu Chen Ling Maimai some could not stand on the lip of the rapid fall a kiss, and then quickly withdraw to leave, for fear that the next second they can not control. "I did not allow you to go out, but away from home, make sure to follow the shadow, a strang
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