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Advertise With Us 

Online Banner Advertising/Web Classifieds

By Advertising on EverythingHaitian.com, Your Company Will:

• Interactively Link To The Haitian/Haitian-American/ West Indian Market

• Reach Over 150,000+ Registered Members

• Target a Lucrative Haitian/ Haitian-American/ West Indian Market

• Build Awareness For Products & Services

• Increase Traffic & Exposure for Your Business/Product with Precision AD Targeting

• Grow Sales/Leads

• Increase Banner & Content

Sponsorships Ads

Description: EverythingHaitian.com EverythingHaitian.com, is a social networking site which meets the informational and recreational needs of Haitians, Haitian-Americans, West Indians and many others via the World Wide Web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have a business that needs more traffic, a selected banner placement on EverythingHaitian.com is the best marketing tool you can buy.

1) Premium Full Page Advertising

Stand Out From Your Competition With Eye Catching 'Full Page Ad'

This Elite position receives the most views by EVERY user accessing the site.

This Unique service features Contest Promotions: Participate and receive additional advertising on the 'Win Free Prizes' page.

2) Featured Banner Premium Advertising Program

EverythingHaitian.com Homepage Advertising:
These positions are extremely powerful as banner advertisements and are viewed by EVERY member accessing the site.

1) This enhanced Premium Service features a rotating full banner (468X60 Banner) with a direct link from EverythingHaitian.com/ homepage to your organization's homepage, ensuring maximum marketing exposure.

2 ) Contest Promotions: Participate and receive additional advertising on the 'Win Free Prizes' page. EverythingHaitian.com limits the number of Featured Banner positions to ensure an effective exposure campaign. Orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis with a waiting list (for future placement) after all positions have been fulfilled for the calendar year.

3) Premium Advertising Sponsorship Positions (Fixed banner)

The following premium advertising position categories are available on EverythingHaitian.com’s unique venue: Home Page, Personal ad Page, Cuisine/Recipe Page, Music CD’s Page, DVD Movie Page, Books/Educational material Page, Entertainment Page, and Featured Story Page, . All positions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

EverythingHaitian.com. has an Advertising Program Designed to meet the Fiscal Budget Of EVERY Client. You are assured Maximum Marketing exposure of your business/product relating to one of our 8 category pages.

4) Category Classified Banner Ads Text/ Banner Ads

Sold by category listing (i.e. Services, Events, Products, etc...) have a direct link to a category sponsors web site allowing your company to display and market products and services.

Banners may contain your company/institute's logo and a short line of text.

Effective Media Strategies Promoting EverythingHaitian.com

1) Regional/National Advertising Program
2) Target Audience Oriented On-Line Promotions
3) Banner Advertising
4) Search Engine Positioning
5) Logo Exchange On Multiple Client Marketing Products ( i.e. DVD Movies, Trailers etc)
Key Marketing Aspects:

Regional/National Advertising Program: EverythingHaitian.com promotes the site at regional and national events, so that the name of the site may be highly visible and accessible. We cover all grounds making sure that users can find and access your products and services via the World Wide Web.

Banner Advertising: On selected sites throughout the Web.

Search Engine Positioning: Ensuring site can be easily found.

Target Audience Oriented On-line Promotions: By offering an incentive to members, they become more likely and responsive to visit EverythingHaitian.com; ultimately leading to the viewing of your advertising message. 

Ad Placement and Size:

Premium Full Page Ad = 565 x 285

Full Banner Ad (Leader Board) = 728 X 90 pixels Maximum file size: 15K, Maximum Animation Loop: 3X

Category Classified Banner Ad #1 (Large Rectangle) = 300 X 250 pixels Maximum file size:4K Category

Classified Banner Ad #2 (Rectangle) = 180 X 150 pixels

Please send via e-mail to esales@everythinghaitian.com or send via Zip Disk to Every thingHaitian.com, P.O. Box 970464, Coconut Creek, FL 33097, ATTN: Web Design.
Is Your Company Without A Banner? No Need To Worry!! The banner advertisements we create are inexpensive, yet highly effective. 'Standard Banners' can be created for a nominal fee. Please supply a business card or some company literature from which we can create the 'Standard' Banner

Rates:  Please contact us at 954-302-8987 or 1-866-527-0332  to discuss a package that suits your needs.