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Featured Story - MaWoN 
MaWoN - Extraordinary Talent
MaWoN is a hot happening band that fuses diverse musical sounds such as Traditional Haitian Roots, Konpa, Reggae and R&B to come up with their delightfully unique blend of World Music.
The name MaWoN stems from Haitian history, it is the name of the first group of slaves to escape the plantations, head to the mountains, and form their own communities. Their rebellion eventually led to the freedom movement and the formation of the first free black republic in the Western hemisphere.
The core of the band consists of Harry Leconte, (Bass), Alena Lowenthal. (female lead singer), Andrew Stoch, (keyboard), and Ralph Cassagnol ( lead singer & guitar).
In their own words, “ MaWoN is a cultural rebellion, a refusal to accept boundaries and categories. Our culture is so rich, we have so many distinct rhythms that it is impossible for us not to incorporate them into our sound, but we are not limited by anything. We just want to present good music to the World.”
The face of MaWoN is the devastatingly sexy lead singer Ralph Cassagnol. Ralph is a triple threat with silky smooth vocals, intense good looks, and abundant musical skills. This charismatic gentleman that keeps the ladies swooning, plays the guitar, writes music, sings, models and designs furniture. Born in Haiti, he lived in New York and attended college in Massachusetts. With a diploma in Marine engineering, he went to work for General Electric as a project manager and worked in such exotic locations as Japan, Spain, and Mexico.
His adventurous spirit and the encouragement of many, led him to embark on a successful modeling career in N.Y., where he was featured by such fashion elite as Ralph Lauren Polo, Gap, and Brooks Brothers, just to name a few. The infectiousness of his appeal landed him a featured spot in Beyonce’s Baby Boy music video.
Next, came a move to Florida, to be closer to Haiti as he was launching a business venture and establishing a workshop. “With my engineering background, I always had an interest in fabricating and designing metal,” says Ralph and his fabulous whimsical pieces of furniture began to take life. These avant garde custom pieces may be seen in posh South Beach and many other locations.
The transition to music was an easy one since Cassagnol grew up surrounded by melodies and always had a great love for it. While attending a band rehearsal with a friend, he spontaneously started singing along and was asked to join the band. From there the band, (MaWoN) began to take off and has played various venues, while receiving many accolades. Their self titled debut CD is loaded with distinctive rhythms such as Yon Jou (One Day), Padon (Sorry), No One Cares, and takes you on a musical journey to wonderful places.
The future certainly looks luminous for Ralph Cassagnol and MaWoN, with the explosive combination of great musicians, powerful lyrics, and original sound they seem destined to become a major force in World Music.
So, “Kase chen yo, vin lan MaWoN” (break the chains that bind, and come to MaWoN) and experience this euphonious promenade for yourself.