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Featured Story - Roudie Augustin 
Roudie Augustin
By: Michael McKoy

Roudie is an actress and model based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from south Florida this sultry beauty decided to make the move to Atlanta to follow her passion in acting. Roudie graduated cum lade from Florida A&M University with her Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Information Management. While in college Roudie dreamt of a modeling career and began researching just how to do that. She studied the industry inside and out on the internet, reading books on TV, and talking with several other models an actors and learning their experiences and knowledge of the industry.

Roudie Augustin Although versatile, dedicated, sociable, intelligent, and extremely attractive, she knew the odds were against her. The mainstream modeling industry uses outdated standards based around extremely thin, impressionable, and un-normally tall women. Roudie has a figure that J-Lo would be envious of and her character portrays intelligence and business savvy. Like most innovative women her real talent is she’s marketable in more then one area of the industry. She’s an avid actress with featured roles in more than one independent film. Her Improv skills not only help her land roles in films but also give her a chance to refine her creativity. “I never depended on anyone for anything. I’ve been through quite a few managers because they weren’t really interested about my well being, or casting me for what I wanted. They sent me to castings and auditions they found ‘fit’. It's my career, my life, and I don't plan to get the short end of the stick.”

Roudie Augustin Once she moved to Atlanta, Roudie built her website (www.RoudieOnline.com) and then took up several projects including “Real Life with Roudie”, an online reality series created by Black Men in America CEO Gary Johnson. The series details everything the model encounters from arduous castings to hard work on movie sets. Hilarious, serious, and inspiring, it is a detailed view of the entertainment life from the viewpoint of a hard working and often exhausted model. It’s unique in the way that it shows models to be more then just objects of desire.

Roudie Augustin Roudie isn’t all about her own glamour. Alongside creating forums to help other models get started, she is very active in the local community. Roudie was instrumental in getting “Real life with Roudie” creator, Gary Johnson, to send her several huge boxes of clothing for the hurricane Katrina victims. Roudie and several of her friends donated clothing as well. She also wrote and co-sponsored a letter that was distributed to various congressmen to get them to pressure the Bush administration to respond.

Roudie Augustin Currently Roudie is co-hosting alongside Loubert Vernot on “Haitian Vibes” TV show in Atlanta. The show focuses on Haitian history along with music videos and live interviews of prominent Haitians. A warm smile develops whenever the show is mentioned. With a serious look she points out that her career was the last thing on her mind when she accepted the co-host position. “Haiti’s distress contributes to a negative public view in America of Haitians. It really is a beautiful place. This show gave me the opportunity to educate people about Haiti and our culture.” Video of Roudie in her fashion career and on “Haitian Vibes” can be seen by visiting her website.