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Haitian Recipe 
Haitian Recipe
Sauce Bechamel
Bechamel Sauce ( White French Base Sauce). A delectable, versatile sauce that can jazz up veggies, pasta or fish.
Serves 4  To   6
1/8 cupCarrots, chopped
1/4 cupOnions, chopped
1/4 cupDiced Bacon or Ham
2 TbspButter
3 TbspFlour
1 1/2 cupHot Milk
Saute carrots and onions in butter in a pan. Add bacon or ham. Let it all simmer for 15 mins. Remove all content from the pan in the butter. Add flour to butter. Then add the hot milk, stirring constantly. Return, the vegetables and bacon or ham back to the pan. Mix well and season to taste. Allow to simmer for 45 mins.
Bon Appetit!!!
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